Joel McCracken, Jr.

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Photograph of Joel McCracken, Jr.


Hello, I'm Joel McCracken, Jr. This is my design webpage, where I share my development and design progress

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, my handle is TacticalCastle

I grew up in the Sticks of Oklahoma. My family raised Ostriches for 6 years (~1991-1997) I didn't go to a day of school until I was 16 years old. We did not do any formal home schooling, I grew up chasing coyotes, armadillos, fishing in local ponds and creeks, and working with the animals on the farm. I graduated HS with a 3.14 GPA/4.0 and received a full-ride scholarship for music, then walked away from college after several hardships. I have been a restaurant manager, waiter,

Factory worker (line picker),

Overnight security guard (I stopped a bomb threat in a mall),

courier, Title/Escrow Recorder, Sales Trainer,

$1,000,000/Month salesman while doing Business lease cold calls,

Carpenter (worked in the West wing of the White House and the Visiting Presidential Suite),

IT HelpDesk (Working for MICROS, WeatherBug/EarthNetworks,

Currently, I am working as QA Analyst, and am the sole QA for two products.

I am a husband and a father.